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-_- I have a new vice.

Gloria Jeans' Caramelatte is the greatest thing since sex. I mean I didn't really drink much coffee until lately; a few nights ago though, I was at
wild_filly_sama's house and she made me coffee. I have since come to the conclusion I love it. 5 cups in three days and I've also realised I have to go to Gloria Jeans' or her house to get a decent cup of it cuz I can't make it for the life of me. Too much milk I think, maybe?

I should also take this time out to explain that until today I'd never had an espresso either, I dunno what's different but I was practically shaking I was so worked up. That stuff definitely works; I mean I only had about 2 and a half hours of sleep last night but I was bouncing off the walls within a minute of downing it. I think the cute boy who works at Subway thought I was a freak. My brother - Jace - definitely did; he was very happy for me though because I brought him a sub and cookies ^_^ !!!

So how do these things work I wonder? I mean typically I'm pretty good at figuring out where things are because I'm used to looking for links on japanese fanart sites but I seemed to have been somewhat stumped by Livejournal which has me somewhat ashamed of myself. For obvious reasons.

It's irritating me because I really want to be able to use my own art in the layout of my journal; ultimately I'd really like to make costumes with themes for my friends and I (I'm a clothing production student and I work in a costume hire shop) and then take photos and design the layout around those. Lolitas, pirates, you know, the works. Though I think maybe
wild_filly_sama would be happier with the lolita one than me. Wonder what white_tean would want?

Oh, if anyone happens to stumble across this and wonder how I know these two, it's because we went to school together; they're my best friends. My only friends really; HAHA! I'm not a big socialite.

Ah, well. Ciao for now!

P.S. I want new boots!

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